Monday, August 18, 2014


Bridget Speaking:

Mom mentioned that she wanted to make a blog so that we could all communicate on here and not have to use social media.  I sent you all invitations to be editors of this blog.  Let me know how that works out and if any of you are having problems.  I will start this blog out with an update from Cade and I!

We just got back from a trip to Newport Beach with his family.  It was nice to get some sun and get a small taste of the life Lindsay and Sterling are living haha! We both start school on the 26th of this month.  Cade will be taking night classes Tuesday and Thursday from 6 pm to 10 pm. For his MBA program.  It will take him 2 years to complete.

I have lecture all day on Thursdays and then 2 clinical days in the hospital (they are still a little up in the air which two days they will be) I am really really excited to be working in the hospital getting real hands on experience! I can't wait!

My first IV.. The manicans have blood, and it was messy!

You can see why I am excited to work in the hospitals! My patients this semester were creepy!

Other than school I am going to help Cade by being his little receptionist part time in a new company he just started up.  It is called DT Finance.  He has an office space on 5600 west in West Valley (We painted it last week and got it all cleaned up so it looks good!) He will be doing sub prime auto financing. He already a few connections at some deal ships that turn away multiple people a day.  So he will just be financing the cars that they sell.  It's keeping him busy and I'm excited to help him out since I will have 4 days off a week.

I love you all and hope this blog works out for us! Lets all give it our best effort for Mom's sake:)

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