Monday, November 10, 2014

Phone Photos

Okay, pretty sure Bridget and mom have seen these three separate places now, but here are some recent photos of us from my phone!
Oh her smiles, I just LOVE them! 
Will's favorite toy at the park. 
Ruthie, in all her 3-yr-old dressing glory.
More smiles.
I honestly don't know what mothers did before strollers. It is the world's best invention, I am sure of it. 
A Miami downpour.
Our thankful tree from FHE. You're on there mom, somewhere! 
My latest cooking accomplishment! Made the rolls and everything!
We are doing really great right now. Sterling just took a test last week and did his best yet-yay! The weather is staying in the mid-70s to mid 80s so that is beautiful. There are less bugs, less mosquitoes, less lizards, and MUCH less humidity--so I am basically loving winters in Miami. We've got a regular play group going on Mondays and that is super fun, albeit quite crazy. I have no idea how working moms do it because I find myself STRETCHED to the limit and doing laundry at crazy times like 11:30 at night just to stay on top of everything. But it is awesome and the kids are so much fun. I wouldn't mind giving Ruth up for some days here and there (oh her TANTRUMS and her boundary-stretching!) but mostly they are so much fun to be with 24/7. 

Our toilet flooded the other day and our landlord still hasn't done anything about it, so what else is new. Will gagged on a milk lid tonight until he threw up (we couldn't get there fast enough), and Ruth just fell off the bed in her sleep with a nice, loud thud that I could hear in our room. Ya know, awesome life things that just keep you hopping all of the time! Haha.

Personally, I've been working really hard on menu-planning and cooking. When you don't have the money (for things like rolls) you start using your flour and milk and realizing how much you have to PLAN for everything, all of the time. It's been mostly good though. I'm actually starting to be impressed with how easy whipping up certain things can be, when you are used to doing it for all three meals. 

Sterling is studying like crazy, of course. He watched the kids on Saturday while I went to a Relief Society conference, and then afterwards he took Ruthie on a date. She came home and you should've seen the look on her face! "I rode on a TRAIN mom!" hahaahaa. Sterling took her on the metro rail, because she is short enough to be free, and oh my gosh! she thought she was the coolest cat. He has pictures and everything, and since the likelihood of him posting them soon is not great, I might have to steal his phone to put them on.

My nursery calling is...rough. It's kind of hard to be around three small babies all week long (plus playgroup and playdates where you have to really work on your patience and holding your tongue) and then spend two more hours with SEVEN more of them. I feel like I'm on repeat all week long. Snacks. Songs. Coloring. Toys. Repeat. See what I mean? But I really love the sister I'm working with, so that's a big bonus. Ruth and two other girls move up to Sunbeams in January and I think that will be a relief. It's just hard to be the parent and the teacher. 

Ummm...that's about all folks!

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