Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Church Callings

A tidbit of our church lives, I just copy&pasted this from my family website where I posted it, so sorry it's so long. Hopefully you guys find it as entertaining as we did!

A couple of weeks ago Sterling was called to teach in Elders Quorum and then set apart the following week. Last week I went to the primary to notify them that there wasn't a nursery leader (yet again) and throughout the next two hours (Sterling and I juggling a nursing babe, a sleeping Will and helping out in nursery) the primary president-in her awesome Jamaican accent-told me that I am the new nursery leader. Sis Hadley (one of my favorite people, she's from Ogden and has five kids, her oldest, 12 yr olds, are twins) muttered under her breath "Well, lets try going through the CORRECT channels." and I had a hard time not laughing out loud. Anyway. They DID go through the correct channels and I was called today. I'm a little sad, just because I won't get a lot of interaction with other people in the ward now, also, I'm already with kids ALL the time. But on the other hand I am glad because their nursery needed some SERIOUS help, and about five people that I knew of didn't even bring their kids because it was so disorganized and inconsistent (welcome to Miami, nobody is consistent or on time). ANYWAY.

So today in Sacrament Meeting Sterling and I were sitting there, the opening song had just finished, which was in English, and we hadn't put on our headsets yet to listen to the Stake guy who was doing some Stake business. Until we decipher Sterling's name in the mix of Spanish. So Sterling stands up, gets sustained, and sits back down. Interesting, we thought, since they don't usually sustain Elders Quorum teachers in Sacrament Meeting, Then they came to nursery and asked me to talk to them (they hadn't extended me the nursery leader call yet) and then noticed Sterling and asked him to come so he could be set apart. But he had already been set apart by the elders quorum the week before. He was confused. But since Ben and Beth had just walked past the nursery and offered to take over, we both headed over to the offices.

They shook our hands, told Sterling he could continue to hold Will through the setting apart since we didn't want to wake him up, and then set Sterling apart---in Spanish. They joked a little bit after about how they should have offered a translator, but we could feel the spirit, right? Right.

Then they started talking to Sterling about how he would receive names from the missionaries and how he would put them into the computer...and Sterling just starts really wondering about things. I didn't hear the conversation after that because they took me out to extend the nursery calling.

About five minutes later Sterling walks into nursery laughing his head off. He'd been called and sustained and set apart as the assistant ward clerk and WE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!!!! All of it had been done in Spanish, Sterling was obviously confused but they tend to talk really fast and smile a lot to reassure you that they know exactly what they are doing.

I'm still dying laughing over here. It almost makes being in nursery ok. Also, they put me with the bishop's wife (I guess they are REALLY struggling with a nursery leader) and she is AMAZING and I want to be just like her when I grow up (actually Ruth will be the same age as her oldest is when we are in residency, which they are in right now. Can you imagine being in residency and being bishop at the same time? With five kids? Yeah, we might have five kids but I'm saying exnae on the bishop part.)