Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merriest Christmas!

Sterling is being amazing and doing dishes right now, so here's a quick recap so you can see our family and our Christmas!
Zoo Miami lights
The zoo had fake 'snow' blowing at several stations. Ruth was enchanted. This time it 'called on my nose!' 
The carousel was cheaper for Zoo lights than it is normally, so we took the kids on a ride, since they always ask--it turned out even better since the lady only made us pay for Sterling!
Ruth wasn't too sure at first, so we started to walk away, but she changed her mind and was really excited because this giraffe was wearing a tutu! Haha. 
Our mini nativity. 
For you, Bridge, his tiger and turtle! He LOVED them!
Sterling was excited to open the finger puppets, haha!
Books! Thanks so much Grandma Cindy! 
Will LOVES the dinosaurs!

Christmas pjs
Her skirt!

I think its safe to say this boy is a little bit excited. 
She's already getting so good at it all by herself!

Sweetest angel baby.

Finger puppets!
Cutest mocassins

Can't wait to see pictures from everyone else! Merry Christmas!


  1. LOVE,LOVE IT!!! Thanks so so much Lindsay for keeping us up to date. I'll see what I can come up with.... but I didn't get too many pictures. MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!

  2. I love the picture of his animals! I love that he has a helmet on! Haha so cute! Thanks for all the pictures!!