Sunday, April 26, 2015

From Daniel: April 18, 2015

I sang my first Rock Show last Friday

People liked it,
I loved it,
And I over exhausted myself jumping around like a maniac, 
My abs seized up, and gas...ooooohhh ..nerves and over extension.

Look over these sometime and save whatever: 

password: rabbit

I'm gonna have to find a balance, 
I'll send more as everything develops

So currently. ..not unlike The People Staged,  in vision of connecting, I'm running a training space,  practice space, 
temporary rock venue and hotel out of the rabbit mansion,  now as everyone is leaving the building in shifts, 
We're calling the show ' The Rock + Roll Hotel@ rabbit mansion' 
Our second show is Friday, 
We're keeping it under the radar, 
And around 90 people shows at the moment,  but I'm.planning for growth every week and to see this evolve over the summer,  the people,  the venues,  the vibes, 
,,,,strange. ...
I sang in my first rock band (since hs in ky with Calvin and Justin,  but we never played for public)  at a house show in Fort Greene Brooklyn,  milestone for whatever this life of mine is.

Love you both, Mom.daD, pudd,  others,

Sorry I'm so far away,

Will you forward this to Brandon, Bridget, whoever would want to see in the family, 
Next week we'll have audio from the performance. 


Ps. Been organizing these with insane friend Rushmore,  he's good hearted,  so people.have been great, those in attendance invite only.  Trustworthy people,  it's slightly illegal. . 

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