Monday, September 1, 2014

Haws Family Update

I'm excited about this blog too! I'm excited to be able to see everyone's updates and photos since we are so far away! We have been busy with a new babe, so I'll post a few pictures of what we've been up to and then inundate this blog with Molly---haha! First off, we blessed Molly and she looked absolutely gorgeous in her long, beautiful dress. There was a collective "awwww" that was so loud when Sterling held her up at the end!

Sterling has been around a lot lately (that ends on Tuesday when he officially starts his MD classes), especially this weekend, so we took full advantage and tried to enjoy that to the fullest! We took the kids swimming twice in our pool and Sterling was super impressed with how much they've learned and how great they do in the water.

 Molly is beautiful and we all love her. The kids love her SO much I spend most of my time telling them to be soft and leave the baby alone. Haha. 

I had to post this picture, look at Molly's bug eyes! HAAAHAAAHAA!
With Sterling's free weekend we also went and flew kites at this park on Miami Beach. Ruthie thought it was the greatest thing ever!

The rest are just pictures I took before church yesterday. 
I can't believe I have three kids!
I have pictures of me and Ruthie in this dress.
Proud papa.
Sterling keeps saying she looks SO much like me. I still think she's a pretty good mix.

Sterling has been in an intro to the medical profession class for the past three weeks and it has been pretty low-stress. Zero homework. Which worked out nicely with having a new baby. But tomorrow he starts all his hard classes and we'll probably start feeling like he really is in medical school, he's excited! I put on our ward website that I'd like to teach piano starting October 1st and have had WAY too many responses (I only wanted four students or so) so we'll so how that goes and hopefully we'll have a little extra spending money. Ruthie is the greatest helper although definitely into 3 yr old tantrums and Will is starting to talk/grunt/communicate like crazy and its the cutest. We have a ward playgroup that meets every Tuesday, I haven't gone yet because Molly is so little but I am excited for the kids to have someone to play with. I also take them to story time at the library every Monday and it's one of the highlights of their week. We have been swimming in our pool like crazy this summer (Miami is HOT!) and we are excited for the weather to cool down so we can go to the zoo and some parks more often (I feel like its too hot to take Molly out in that heat yet). All in all, life is good!


  1. The "bug eye" picture melts my heart. Ruthie looks so big and so gorgeous! I love it! Thanks for the update! I sure miss you guys!

  2. Loved reading about Miami life. Thanks For posting! Miss EVERYBODY! !!!!