Monday, September 15, 2014

The Haws +3

We're slowly adjusting to having three kids. And having Sterling in med school. It is an adjustment, that's for sure, but we're getting there! Plus, our kids are the most adorable ever so that helps, haha!
Will has on a batman cape, just to clarify.
Seriously, this kid cracks me up and makes me crazy. All the time. Love him.
Five things we've been up to:
1-A playgroup has been started with all the new move-ins (aka wives of students going to U of M) and there are about four new people I've met that are from similar background, speak english, and have kids my age...YAY! I can actually relate to someone here! So that's been my biggest, happiest news. We're all so excited about having friends we've gotten together about four times already, haha. The park, the zoo, the library, you name it!
2-Sterling has started working on his own cadaver. He likes it.
3-Sterling has made an friend with the only other LDS guy in his year (but not his program) and they have started going to the gym together every single morning at 6:30am (so he gets up at 5:30am) and he is loving it.
4-When Will wears his Batman cape Ruthie calls him 'Captain'.
5-It's still torrentially raining here on a regular basis (hurricane season doesn't end until the first part of October) but the temps have dropped from 98 degrees with 80% humidity to about 90 degrees with the same humidity. It feels heavenly. Still incredibly hot, but SO much better.

For those who'd like, I just posted on our blog, find it here:

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  1. Thank you Lindsay for taking the extra time to post on our family blog in addition to your own.

    I love seeing current pictures and hearing how things are going.

    Sure do miss you all! Give that baby a big hug from her grandma Cindy!