Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The random adventures of a kidless life

There is a little race car track out in Tooele that we decided to try out. I think it is Larry H. Miller or something like that.  It was kind of scary! The gocarts can go up to 40 mph. Cade got the fastest time in our category of like 40 seconds to go around. He went around 13 times and I went around 8 in the same amount of time HAHAHA! I was being cautious, I kept feeling like I was going to flip on the corners.  It was fun though, I learned that I am no longer the risk taker I used to be.. Its just not worth it!

There were no medium sized helmets left so i had to wear a small.. notice my squished cheeks haha

 A fews ago we realized we didn't take the boat out at all this year, which was extremely depressing.. dang you nursing school! So we decided to! We took one of Cades best friends and my best friend from Nursing School (I was secretly hoping they would fall deeply in love and get married so we can all hang out together for the rest of our lives:) It was fun, we went to Jordanelle. The only problem was we forgot the plug for the tube! haha oops! So we ended up fishing most of the time.  However it was kind of lucky that we forgot it because the water was FREEZING!

Julie and I. We met while working on pre-reqs for nursing school (in biochem). Luckily we were both accepted to nursing school and now we get to hang out all the time at school! I adore her.

I refused to only fish so I made everyone jump in.. it took my breath away it was so cold!

I know.. we are going to have amazingly gorgeous children:)
 In other news.. I have gotten back into moccasin making a little bit. My sister in law was having family pictures taken and asked if I would make her daughter some for that (she just turned one). These are the ones I made. They are no "freshly picked" (which is the name brand moccs that are everywhere, she sells them for $60!) But I think mine are still pretty cute:) Lindsay, if you would put any of your children in these let me know and I can make some for you guys! I've been wanting to ship a package anyway so I could include some. Other than the pictures I have blue, silver, gold, and black leather.
I made these for the family pictures
Once I got started I couldn't stop:) the mustard doesn't have the fringe cut obviously..
That's it for me! Cade has his first round of exams this week (I do too but I'm not worried, mine is just pathophysiology stuff that I understand pretty well) he has been studying a lot, I hope he does well.  His company is also going live this week and will financing their first loan so lots of exciting things are happening! I love you all and hope everyone is enjoying the most wonderful month of the year!


  1. Hi All! I just played around with the settings on the blog. All the editors of the blog (which is everyone but Jenny) should now receive an email anytime anyone posts a new blog or leaves a comment. If you don't want to be notified let me know and I can take you off. This is a test as I am leaving a comment:) Check out my new post! love you all! Can't wait to see everyone's update:)

  2. I LOVE the moccasins! I would love to have some pairs for Molly--maybe gold? and pink? I can't promise she'll wear them too much in the heat, but if the weather continues to cool down she'll wear them all the time! Also thanks for the update! Looks like boating was fun, we missed out on that this summer too (i usually go with my sister)! Also, I went go-carting on a date once(I know, expensive) and I was a horrible driver, haha.

  3. Yay yay yay! I can't wait to make some for her! I hope it cools down enough:)

  4. LOVED, LOVED the update! THANKS Bridget! And thanks for making it possible for me to know when people post on the blog.