Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bows, Birthdays, and Bowls of Soup:)

As most of you know I only have class/clinicals on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Some weeks, like this week, I have very little homework, I finish it Monday, and I get Tuesday and Wednesday to play!

Yesterday I had a lot of time on my hands and ended up making my first Bow Moccasin! I am in love! I had never made the black because I thought it was too boyish, but with the bow its perfect! What do you think Linds?
I also spend a lot of time cooking and meal prepping for the rest of the week.  If I don't I end up eating out the three days that I am at school and I hate hate hate eating out!

I was freezing this morning so I decided to throw together all of the veggies we had to make a soup! It is sooo good! I can't wait to eat it for the next three lunches:)

When I am home I take Cade lunch since his office is just right down the street from our house.  This is the best part of my day! I feel extremely grateful that we get to be together since the end of the week we barely see each other. (I am also lucky that he eats my random veggie soup creations!)

This is another random meal I made last week that I wanted to share because I am obsessed with it and it is so easy and healthy! Mix a can of tuna with one cup halved cherry tomatoes, 1/2 cup onion, juice from one lime,  one cup cilantro, and salt and pepper, then just serve it up in a bell pepper! it doesn't sound very good since there isn't mayo but its awesome and filling! It's only 165 calories:)   
Cade and I both had wonderful birthday's! I love that they are so close together, it makes for a really fun month! We decided early on in the month that we want to continue to work on our money saving kick so we only wanted to send $100 for both of us for our birthdays.  I took the liberty of decided what we would do with that money:) Cade didn't mind promise, haha.  We made 72 hour kits!! I am really excited we now have our first emergency preparedness put together! It feels good! 

Then, since we didn't really focus on presents this year I was able to focus on the real blessings and "presents" I have in my life.  Having Jenny's farewell on my birthday was a huge blessing! I was surrounded with people and family that I love, and I was able to reflect on my own mission and farewell.  We truly have a wonderful family! Thanks everyone for throwing me such a huge birthday party, it was so big I didn't even know half the peopel!! HAHA 

Shout out to Ali for making AAAAAAMAZING carrot cake for our birthday's! That is true happiness 

It was hard to get a good photo with everyone looking, the twins weren't really interested in taking pictures

Matching necklaces:) I rarely wear mine but I thought the occasion was right! 
Cade has class Tuesday nights from 6-10 PM so we went to his parent's for breakfast so we could sing to him and be together for his birthday. 
French toast birthday cake.. we had no candles either so we used matches haha
Then a birthday miracle happened! Cade got out of class an hour and a half early! Which hasn't happened once since he started his program! So we went over for dinner too! It was a good birthday for Cade.  

Cade was showing Oaklie how to blow raspberries 

Zucchini bread is still in season over here and I couldn't be happier! Once again... matches! haha
As you can see we had a fantastic September! I hate to see it go so soon! September is my favorite month of the year! But I am excited for October! I love you all! Hope life is treating you all well! OH AND SHOUT OUT TO BRAN AND TASIA FOR GETTING ENGAGED!!! Hopefully we will see an update on the blog about that situation/plans soon! 


  1. So glad you had a nice birthday! I love you Bridge (I am SO sorry I didnt call! I love you!)

  2. LOVE the shoes. They are SO SO SO adorable! Also, so glad you took a family pic--it is awesome to see everyone! And mom, your flowers are gorgeous! And Kathy's baby is WALKING? WHAT?!?! Happy birthdays all around! Can't believe it's October! And your soup looks yummy, it's funny though because so many people have been posting about soups and jackets and we had 97 degree weather today and hung out at the splash pad. So crazy--I want some fall! Enjoy it for me! Love you guys!