Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Fun

Last week started off great with Marlowes birthday on Monday. We got together and had cake and played a game of 7 wonders. It was so Fun! But it did feel very empty without jenny, our poor family parties just keep shrinking in size! 

This past week was the 9 year anniversary of Cade's brother Justin passing away. I took Marlowe on the hike on Tuesday because I couldn't make it to the annual hike that they always do with all Justin's friends and family. It was so beautiful and a lot of fun, Marlowe kicked my butt! I always go with family and at least one overweight person so it's a nice slow pace, this time we hauled!!! It took us 3 hours total when the group went on Saturday they took over 5 hours. Needless to say, I was sore the next day!

The group went on Saturday when I was in Saint George, Cade went. Here are some of his pictures. 
This is Cade and his dad and blade

Kohen got to go out on the log and carve his name 

Cade, kohen( nephew), Joe (father), Travis (brother) and blade in front of Justin's monument 

That hike is up in Alpine, it's called Horsetail falls. With all the colors changing it was really really beautiful this week. 

So, I'm starting to feel like this is my personal blog... You guys all need to post too! If you have a smart phone you can download the blogger app and you can post from your phone and upload pics and everything it's super easy!!

Anyway this week has been my fall break and it has been amazing!! I didn't have clinicals so I had my first weekend off of the semester, so naturally I had to go to Saint George! The weather is so nice down there right now! I went with all the lady's in cade's family, it was a lot of fun. But mostly just great because I didn't have to wake up at 5 on Friday and Saturday! 

This is my mother and sister in law in front of the condo 

This is what my weekend consisted of haha! Nails, makeup, shopping, and games! 

All the ladies that went, these are all just Cade'a aunts and cousins. We played a really fun dice game (I dominated of course!)

I found this at a consignment shop that I went to! Haha I laughed, then cried a little.. I miss her so bad! 

Me and Cade's favorite cousin who is my favorite cousin in his family (Chelsey) and our new boyfriend, who needs boys!

Anyway, I love you all! We need to an a weekend sometime when we can go to Saint George! It's a blast, tennis courts, pool, and relaxing! 

Anyway, I am happy to be home, with my love! 

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